Tunl.chat + FDX

FICANEX Technology Advancing Open Banking with FDX APIs to support Open Finance in Canada

FICANEX Technology Inc. an entity wholly owned by Prodigy Ventures, is pleased to announce that the tunl. Open Banking Marketplace launched FDX APIs to support Open Banking and Open Finance in Canada. Enabling secure and confidential data exchanges via the FDX API to power financial institutions and fintech partnerships.

Canadian banks and credit unions are increasingly focusing on allowing their clients and members to share their financial data through secure APIs. As a result, the FDX API is already being used by 32 million customer accounts for financial data exchange. As the FDX standard spreads and becomes more recognizable to fintechs and other third parties across North America, integrating with financial institutions becomes more efficient and cost effective. Don Cardinal, Managing Director at Financial Data Exchange (FDX) said,  “We are thrilled at Ficanex’s progress in bringing open banking to its customers. We are especially pleased by their adoption of FDX and grateful for their participation in the FDX community.”

FICANEX Technology Inc. is committed to providing their customers with safe and secure access to financial data. Andrew Obee, President of FICANEX Technology Inc. said, “FICANEX is a trusted partner to over 140 financial institutions in Canada. Our goal is to be a technology enabler, focused on driving innovation via fintech and FI partnerships. FDX API is the latest global standard which our tunl. Open Banking platform supports, making it even easier for our fintech and FI partners to innovate and grow their business.” 

Canada’s first Open Banking Marketplace, tunl., is built on a platform being used by 16 financial institutions, and in partnership with some of the world’s largest technology and financial brands. tunl. is the easiest way for financial institutions to find and integrate third-party tech solutions, whether for Open Banking or to power innovation strategies.

With the tunl.marketplace, you now can receive:

  • A catalogue of pre-integrated third-party technology solutions
  • Workflow to manage and grant access to third-party apps
  • A catalogue of 88 documented, standardized (PSD2 and FDX) API’s
  • API management capabilities, including metrics and throttling
  • A simulated core banking environment customizable for FI that enables third parties to quickly integrate risk-free
  • Ability to create a white-labelled developer portal

FICANEX Technology is proud to serve over 140 financial institutions and fintech clients across Canada. Our mission is to make it easier and more cost-effective for our clients to partner with leading technology companies.