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Making it easier for financial institutions to partner and integrate with leading third-party technology solutions.

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A new member of the Prodigy family

FICANEX Technology has joined Prodigy Ventures to deliver leading edge technology to our credit union and bank partners.

Press Release
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We accelerate your Fintech Innovation and Digital Transformation

FICANEX Technology Inc. is continuing on its journey of empowering financial services providers to accelerate innovation. We provide next-generation digital services to financial institutions across Canada, allowing them to effectively compete in the digital era.

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The tunl. Platform

Banking is changing at lightning speed – but there is light at the end of the tunl. The tunl. platform gives you a fast, simple way to harness the explosion of innovative digital solutions. And the best part? We facilitate integration, so you can deliver more solutions, faster.

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Don’t keep your customers waiting any longer. Specifically designed for financial institutions, makes it easy for your customer service teams to solve inquiries instantly, with an AI-powered chatbot. Improve the speed and quality of your customer service today!

  • Build impactful experiences with a no-code or low-code platform built for non-technical users.
  • Turn website visitors into revenue by proactively delivering product and service messaging.
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IDVerifact transforms the complex into manageable while reducing costs and increasing time-to-value. With a single point of integration to a multitude of digital identity platforms, IDVerifact allows organizations to rapidly capture the rich consumer and business attributes required to complete trusted business transactions with their clients.

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Prodigy Labs

Navigating the path to digital transformation can be difficult. It’s tough to know where to start, what technology to use or how to integrate it into existing enterprise operations. We work with clients at all stages of their transformation, from inception and strategy to delivery and execution.

So, whether starting your journey or assessing the next step in your evolution, our team of experts is prepared to develop and implement solutions that strengthen your operations and market position.

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FICANEX Technology Inc. is a Prodigy Venture.

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